Ferroelectric ceramics manufactured from nano-sized powders of Bi-containing layer-structured phases

A. A. Nesterov, V. Yu. Topolov & E. A. Panich
Ferroelectrics Letters Section ,Volume 43, 2016 -  Issue 1-3  Pages 1-7 | Accepted 05 May 2015, Published online: 26 May 2016
Methods to improve dielectric and piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric ceramics with high Curie temperatures (TC > 700 K) are discussed. In the first method improving the electrophysical properties is achieved due to a change in technology of the synthesis of powders of ferroelectric phases, and a proposed technological mode enables one to keep a composition of these powders due to a decrease of temperature of the synthesis of the chemically active powders and to a decrease of temperature of sintering. In this method high-temperature ferroelectric ceramics based on the Aurivillius phases are characterised by the piezoelectric coefficient d33 ≤ 40 pС / N and dielectric permittivity ϵT33/ϵ0≤ 230. The second method is concerned with ferroelectric phases of PbTiO3 – PbZrO3 – Bi4Ti3О12 – МеТiO3 (Ме = Са, Sr, Ва), and on this basis ceramics are formed with larger piezoelectric parameters and TC > 700 K. Temperature of the synthesis of powders based on ferroelectric phases, obtained using the low-temperature method, is lower by 430 K on the average, at reducing the process time range by more than 3 times.
Keywords: Ferroelectric ceramics, piezoelectric properties, unit-cell parameters, phase composition, bismuth-containing phase

URL: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/07315171.2016.1171047
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